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TBRC Roofing’s goal is to provide its customers with 100% commercial roof repair or metal roof replacement; often times with very little out-of-pocket expense.

When you work with one of our roofing specialists, you can expect excellent service – on time and in most cases on budget – and a newly repaired or replaced commercial roof that is energy-efficient, cost-efficient and resilient to high temperatures.

Weather Damage Experts – Hail, Tornado, Severe Storms

Throughout Texas and Oklahoma, TBRC Roofing has been the nation’s leader in hail damage identification, and storm damage assessment on virtually every type of commercial and industrial roofing system. Our free storm damage assessments are among the most comprehensive in the nation.

Many people don’t know they have experienced hail damage. They usually find out after they have a leak and call for an inspection. So don’t wait until your roof is leaking, call for an inspection today. Our damage experts will bring any storm damage to your attention along with a custom solution; often times with very little out of pocket expense.

Contact us today at 800-968-8272 to schedule your free roof assessment. We’ll provide you with a free roof inspection and roof condition report, as well as thermal imaging photos and an energy savings report.

Many of our custom roofing solutions include:

TBRC Services - Metal Roof ReplacementMetal Roofing and Roof Replacement

TBRC Roofing has extensive repair, replacement, and restoration experience in not only metal, but all types of roof systems.

Single-Ply Retrofit Roofing System


A single-ply metal retrofit roof involves custom cutting insulation, usually 1½” to 3” thick, to fit between the ribs in your roof to create a smooth flat surface. Next, TBRC installs an additional 1″ of insulation (ISO) on top, then an energy efficient white single ply. These roofing systems are so effective at resisting extreme temperature and weather that it has proven to reduce the building’s energy cost by as much as one-third. Plus you get up to a 20-year NDL warranty with 2-inch hail impact resistance, that’s bonded and insured.

Elastomeric Roof Restoration


A elastomeric roof restoration is a fast, comprehensive and very effective roofing solution. What makes TBRC’s coatings so successful is the use of an industrial grade caulking solution that ensures a watertight roof before the coating is ever applied.

TBRC Roofing's Flat Low-Slope roofFlat, Low-Slope Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Many commercial and industrial facilities are constructed with flat or very low sloped roofs. The major problem with construction of a flat or low sloped Metal, Built-Up (BUR), Tar and Gravel, or Modified roof system is leaking due to ponding water or regular freeze/thaw scenarios. TBRC offers solutions to protect these roof system from ponding water. This includes positive drainage using tapered insulation (EPS) covered by a watertight single-ply, energy efficient membrane, and by always using industry leading, energy efficient, single-ply roofing systems specifically designed for flat roofs. All of our single-ply retrofit systems can come with full, No Dollar Limit warranty coverage for up to 20 years and include coverage for ponding water.

Energy-Saving-RoofsEnergy Efficient Coating

All TBRC coated roofs include the pre-caulking of all seams, fasteners, and penetrations, primer, followed by two coats of a highly reflective energy efficient coating to preserve your roof and drastically decrease the temperature inside. This approach reinvigorates your existing metal roof with no tear-off, any disruption of your business and extraordinary energy efficient perks, thanks to the strong temperature reflectivity of the elastomeric roofing system.

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