Client Testimonials

During our 20 years in business, we’ve built some lasting relationships and left behind some very happy clients. Below are just a few of the comments our clients have shared in letters and emails. If you require references before you make your decision, just let us know.

“This was a large and extremely sensitive job considering the storage and movement of aircraft here at the airport. TBRC gave immediate attention to any issues that we had…The hangars are significantly cooler and the light in the work areas has increased dramatically giving our mechanics a better work environment. The professionalism from the TRBC crews was top notch. I would highly recommend them to any business or building owner.”

Business Air

“We had the single-ply roofing system put on our roofs and it not only solved our leak problems, it also seems to have lowered our cooling bills…The temperatures this year have been over 100 degrees for two months in a row and most days over 104 degrees, yet our electric bills have shown to be considerably less than compared to the last three years…5 STARS and a SMILEY FACE!”

Ameristor Self Storage

“I have worked with TBRC for over five years on many self-storage facility projects. What you can expect from TBRC Roofing Company is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and through market/industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the process. They are a partner to be relied upon from start to finish. I welcome any specific inquiries to support my recommendation of TBRC Roofing Company.”

Advantage Storage

“I am writing this letter as a recommendation for TBRC Roofing. TBRC recently installed a single ply product to one of our large facilities. Our insurance company denied there was any hail damage on the roof and TBRC worked to prove there was damage, with supporting evidence. Without the advocacy of TBRC, these roofs would not have been fixed. Our tenants could not be happier because the space is much cooler and the light in each unit has increased dramatically. Integrity, efficiency and quality are things that every building owner should expect from a roofing contractor and TBRC delivered.”

Wentwood Management, Ltd.

“When I first heard about TBRC, I was extremely reluctant, in fact it was three months before I let them on our roof! Today, they are finishing up our second location, and when complete will have replaced roofs at our Grapevine and Allen locations totaling 2,000,000 square feet. What’s more important to me is working with a professional contractor who actually does what they say they will. Everything – and I mean everything – TBRC told us they could do, they did. TBRC replaced both our roofs with a 20-year warranty that includes a 2” hail warranty! If you are looking for a high-integrity and professional roofing company – one who can locate damage that most others miss – I highly recommend TBRC!”

Stacy Furniture

“TBRC Roofing completed a full roof restoration and roof replacement to multiple buildings on our property. The roof systems and installation provided by TBRC fully resolved all of the leak issues. The TBRC team did a stellar job of handling our roofing project from beginning to completion. This was of particular importance and a value-add to us as we are located on the west coast. TBRC is a very professional organization and I would recommend their services to other building owners.”

Carpenter Management Services, Inc.

“Our tenants informed me this morning their warehouse temperature is approximately 15 degrees cooler since the new roof was installed. Also, Lockheed reports their space is cooler and quieter as a result of the new roof. This is a perk we will consider in our leasing and sales efforts.”

Dwayne Collins, Mid America Business Park, Oklahoma City, OK

“I would like to say thank you for the excellent work that you and your crew did in replacing the skylights and applying the roof coating to our hangars. Just today, due to the visit by President Obama we had to keep our hangar doors closed for security. The temperature outside was 88 degrees and prior to the roof coating, we would not have been able to stay inside on such a warm day. However, the hangar interior temperature stayed comfortable all day today allowing us to have continued operations. Lastly, might I say your crew was very professional and kept us informed as to their work schedule. They worked around our work schedule and always cleaned up after themselves. Thank you for a great job!

Hunt Oil Company, Business Jet Love Field Airport, Dallas, TX

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the past work you have done on our projects. From your patience with the storm damage process to the quality of your work, we could not be happier. Not only did your crews accommodate various the tenant needs over eight  buildings you have done for us, your follow up on everything was immediate. You also located several leaks that have plagued us for years that were not related to the roof itself. Please have any potential clients contact me directly and we will be happy to discuss with them our terrific experience with TBRC and why we will continue to use only your company in the future.”

Alex Buck, Buck Properties, L.C.

What our suppliers have to say about TBRC

ABC Supply Company

Duro Last Roofing Inc.

Elastromeric Roofing Systems

Roofing Supply Group (RSG)

Versico Roofing Systems

838 Coatings